Rules of the RIVIERA CAMP Resort

We are pleased to have you as our Guest. With concern for your health and safety, we would like to inform you that safety measures have been implemented at the RIVIERA CAMP Resort to ensure you have a safe and peaceful stay.

Every individual is required to adhere to the laws, principles of safe and respectful leisure, and unequivocally accept the provisions of this regulation.


I. General Provisions:


1. This Regulation defines the conditions under which reservations and rental of cottages can be made. Making and paying for a reservation is equivalent to accepting the provisions of this Regulation. At the time of making and paying for the reservation, the rental agreement is considered concluded.

2. The cottages are intended for a maximum of 6 people (larger cottage) and 4 people (smaller cottage). The number of people includes both adults and children.

3. The stay of children and teenagers under 18 at the Resort is permitted only under the supervision of adults.

4. Only those persons who have been reported during the reservation process may stay at the Resort.

5. Any kind of trade, gambling, promotional activities, and advertising on the premises of the Center are prohibited without the consent of the owner of the Resort.

6. Organizing events on the premises of the Resort is prohibited without the consent of the owner of the Resort.

7. The Resort's guest consents to the processing of personal data in accordance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Data of May 10, 2018 (Journal of Laws of 2018, item 1000) by the manager of the Resort, i.e., JOZMAR s.c. Marcin Kardaś, Mateusz Kardaś ul. Fabryczna 58, 33-132 Niedomice, for the purposes necessary for the guest's stay at the Center. The guest has the right to access and correct their personal data.

8. Organizing bachelor and bachelorette party is prohibited under the penalty of immediate expulsion from the Center.


II. Reservation and Stay Fees:


1. The entity renting out the cottages for holiday stays is Jozmar S.c. Marcin Kardaś, Mateusz Kardaś, ul. Fabryczna 58, 33-132 Niedomice.
2. Reservations can be made by filling out and submitting the reservation form available on the Resort's website and through the external booking system
3. Making a reservation is equivalent to accepting the Reservation Terms and Regulations of the Riviera Camp Resort.
4. Payment for the stay must be made at least 7 days before the planned arrival by transferring the due amount during the reservation process on theResort's website or by making payment to the following account, including in the transfer title: Name and Surname of the person making the reservation and the stay dates:


Jozmar S.c. Marcin Kardaś, Mateusz Kardaś,
ul Fabryczna 58,
33-132 Niedomice
NIP: 9930657638
Bank account: Bank Pekao S.A. Oddział Tarnów
Account number: 39 1240 1910 1111 0011 0444 6152


5. In the transfer title, please provide the following details:

  • mandatory deposit content,
  • reservation date,
  • name and surname of the person for whom the preliminary reservation was made.

6. Payment for the stay is payment for accommodation services.
7. In the event of the lessor shortening the stay period, the amount for the unused period is not refunded.
8. In the event of a change in the reservation date by the lessor or complete cancellation of the stay 7 days or less from the rental start date, the stay fee is non-refundable.
9. These reservation terms come into effect on March 1, 2022.


III. Accommodation and Use of Cottages/Campside/Camper Park:


1. Guests may use accommodation facilities within the Resort: cottages, campside, and camper park, in accordance with the current price list and reservation conditions.
2. The overnight stay in cottages lasts from 3:00 PM to 11:00 AM the following day.

3. The camping day (Camper Park and tent field) lasts from 4:00 PM to 3:00 PM the following day.
4. All individuals entering the Resort premises to use lodging facilities are required to check-in based on a valid identification document.
5. After making the payment for the stay, the person making the reservation receives a unique access code to the entrance gate and the reserved cottage, which will be valid for the entire duration of the stay at the Resort. After this time, the access code becomes inactive.
6. It is prohibited to bring third parties onto the Resort premises and to receive guests by registered individuals.
7. The lessor is not entitled to provide the cottage/pavilion/room to third parties not registered at the Resort without the consent of the Resort's management, even if the period for which the payment for the stay was made has not expired.
8. Guests are responsible for maintaining and returning the cottage in its original condition from the day of check-in. Kitchen equipment and dishes should be washed, and the interior of the cottage should be cleaned.
9. Each cottage is equipped with a fire extinguisher, which should be used in case of fire, and the incident should be reported to the facility host immediately. Please familiarize yourself with the location of the fire extinguisher and how to use it.
10. When leaving the cottage, remember to turn off electrical devices and close doors and windows.

11. We reserve the right to refuse accommodation to individuals:

  • under the influence of alcohol or drugs,
  • behaving aggressively or in a manner widely considered vulgar,
  • who have not informed the Resort Manager about the organization of organized events.

12. Guest's loss of the key results in a fee of 100 PLN.
13. Entry to the Resort premises by motor vehicle (applies to cars and motorcycles) is allowed only for Resort Guests.
14. Parking is only allowed in designated parking areas. Parking under the cottages or entering green areas of the Resort is prohibited.
15. Parking on the Resort premises is unsupervised.
16. The Resort is not responsible for parked vehicles or any property left inside.
17. In case the declared number of persons using the cottage is exceeded, the Resort owner reserves the right to terminate the agreement with all consequences without the need to refund the accommodation fee.
18. On the Resort premises, it is particularly prohibited to:

  • use playing equipment, speakers, etc., that could disturb the rest of the guests,
  • take out items from the cottage that constitute its equipment (e.g., furniture, blankets),
  • leave unsupervised wires and electrical devices under voltage,
  • dig ditches and pits,
  • destroy vegetation, cut shrubs and trees,
  • damage equipment and devices provided for guests to use,
  • use high-power electrical devices not constituting standard equipment of the cottage/pavilion/room (e.g., personal stoves, heaters, and other devices that may disrupt the operation of the Resort's electrical installation).

19. The use of gas or electric-powered devices not included in the cottage's equipment is prohibited.
20. Bringing explosive and flammable materials such as firecrackers, torches, etc., is prohibited.
21. Lighting a grill outside designated areas is prohibited.
22. Open flames must not be left unattended.
23. When leaving the cottage, remember to turn off electrical devices and close doors and windows.
24. Smoking tobacco is strictly prohibited inside the cottage (smoke detectors are installed in the premises).
25. In the event that the lessee significantly disturbs the peace and/or well-being of neighbors and fails to adhere to commonly accepted norms of human interaction, the Resort Owner reserves the right to terminate the lessee's stay in the cottage/tent field/camper park and is not obligated to refund the unused period of the stay.
26. The lessee bears full material and legal responsibility for any damage or destruction of equipment and devices in the cottages/tent field/camper park caused by registered individuals.
27. Tents and camping trailers are set up in specially designated areas after checking in at the Reception.
28. Water points, lighting, toilets, and showers are provided for guests staying in the tent field/camper park.
29. Without prior consent from the Resort Owner, the lessee is not allowed to carry out any repairs or make any alterations or modifications to the cottage. If repairs or modifications are necessary, the lessee must promptly inform the Resort Owner.
30. The Resort Owner is not liable for temporary inconveniences experienced by independent suppliers, such as temporary water or power shortages.
31. We do not provide security for rented cottages, so when leaving valuable items and cash in the rooms, it is advisable to ensure proper closing of windows and doors when leaving the cottage.
32. The Resort does not assume any responsibility for lost items during guests' stay. Guests are responsible for securing their belongings against theft and damage.
33. Disputes between the Resort Owner and the lessee shall be governed by Polish law. Any disputes shall be resolved amicably, and in the event of disagreement, the competent court shall be the court having jurisdiction over the Resort Owner's registered office.


IV. Pet Stay Rules


1. Pets are allowed in the Resort, with the exception of aggressive, sick, and venomous animals.
2. Permission for pets (including dogs) to stay in the Resort is only possible after notifying the Resort's reception and obtaining appropriate consent during the reservation process. Pet stays in the Resort incur a fee, in accordance with the currently applicable price list.
3. The presence of pets must not disturb the relaxation of other Resort guests or jeopardize their safety.
4. Pet owners during their stay in the Resort are required to:

  • pay the pet stay fee in the Resort, according to the applicable price list,
  • have and present the pet's current vaccination record during check-in,
  • clean up any mess left by the pet,
  • provide their pet, at their own expense, with necessary conditions for an undisturbed stay, such as bedding or food,
  • walk their pets outside the Resort premises,
  • keep pets (dogs) on a leash and muzzle.

5. In case of non-compliance with the rules specified in point 3 above, pet owners will be required to pay a fine of 200 PLN for each instance of non-compliance with the above obligations.
6. Pet owners are fully responsible for any compensatory and material damages caused by their pets.
7. It is strictly prohibited to:

  • bring pets to the beach, playground, or beach volleyball court,
  • allow pets to swim in the lake in the beach area designated for Center guests,
  • allow pets in the playground, restaurant, or restrooms,
  • allow pets to use furniture in cottages/pavilions/rooms as bedding.

V. Order Regulations


1. Being on the Resort premises obliges to behave in a manner that does not jeopardize safety: one's own, other guests', or the property of the Resort.
2. Please observe quiet hours from 10:00 PM to 7:00 AM.
3. The use of portable sound equipment that disturbs the relaxation of other holidaymakers is prohibited on the premises of the Riviera Camp Resort.
4. Individuals who do not comply with the regulations and disturb the peace and order in the Resort may be expelled without any right to compensation.
5. In case police intervention is necessary, the lessor may terminate the agreement immediately without refunding any money. The property owner is not responsible for the costs of police intervention.
6. A first aid kit is available at the Reception.
7. Damages caused by guests are settled on-site. If the cost of repair cannot be determined immediately, an assessment of the damage may be made within 7 days. In this case, a damage protocol should be drawn up.
8. Please ensure cleanliness and order on the Resort premises. Cleaning supplies are available upon request. Any persistent dirt or damage should be reported promptly to the Resort staff.
9. Before leaving the Resort, please clean up your occupied space and dispose of trash in the designated waste containers. 
10. The Center is not liable for items left or lost by guests on the premises.


VI. Playground Rules


1. Children under the age of 12 must be supervised by adults.
2. Play equipment must be used in accordance with its intended purpose.

3. Guardians are responsible for the safety of children who are responsible for the playground.
4. Parents are responsible for damage caused by children.
5. Team games (e.g. body games) and riding a bicycle or scooter are prohibited on the playground.
6. It is strictly forbidden to climb onto the roofs of towers, houses and the upper elements of the structures (swings, ladders, swings, etc.)
7. It is forbidden to track animals on the playground.
8. It is prohibited to use a swing, dragonflies, etc. by more than one child per seat.
9. It is forbidden to slide downwards, jump off the slide or enter it from the slide side.
10. Smoking and alcohol consumption are prohibited on the playground.


VII. Use of the Pool

1. The swimming pool is available to guests. 
2. Submitting a reservation for a stay at the resort is deemed to be tantamount to acceptance of these regulations.
4. Admission to the swimming pool is possible only in generally accepted swimwear, i.e.:

  • women - one-piece or two-piece swimsuit
  • men - swimming trunks.

6. Before using the swimming pool complex, wash your body thoroughly in the shower.
8. It is prohibited to bring food, drinks and sharp and dangerous items, especially glass (including cosmetics in glass packaging), into the swimming pool complex.
9. Children under 16 years of age are prohibited from using the swimming pool complex without adult supervision.
11. Disabled people in wheelchairs may use the swimming pool only with a guardian.
12. The swimming pool cannot be used by persons who:

  • are under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • are in poor health that may pose a risk to themselves or others
  • suffer from upper respiratory tract diseases or have breathing difficulties
  • have unhealed wounds or skin diseases, e.g. mycosis, lichen
  • suffer from epilepsy or infectious diseases
  • are allergic to disinfectants
  • suffer from diseases related to circulatory system failure
  • have problems with the excretory system.

13. People in poor health, with reduced fitness and poor well-being, as well as pregnant women, should use the swimming pool and its equipment with particular caution.
14. Within the swimming pool complex it is strictly forbidden to:

  • running
  • jumping into the water
  • eating food and chewing gum
  • triggering false alarms
  • leaving children unattended.

15. In the case of organized groups, the group leader is responsible for the consequences of the Participants' behavior.
16. A person who intentionally or unintentionally pollutes the pool will be charged with the costs of replacing the water in the pool. In the case of children, the child's guardian is responsible.

17. It is forbidden to take sunbeds out of the pool area.


VIII. Terms of use of the Sauna

1. A necessary condition for using the Sauna area is prior reservation and payment of the use fee at the reception.
2. Before entering the sauna, wash your body and dry yourself, and change into swimming shoes.
4. In a dry sauna, you should use your own towel to avoid direct contact of your body with the wooden surface.
5. It is not allowed to use the sauna with earrings, jewelry, chains, watches, glasses and contact lenses.
6. A maximum of 8 people can stay in the sauna at the same time.
7. Do not apply any creams to your body or face while in the sauna.
8. People CANNOT use the dry sauna:

  • suffering from any skin ailments and other diseases according to the doctor's contraindications (cold, flu, fever, mycosis, skin diseases, acute phase of rosacea, hypertension, varicose veins, ulcers, kidney failure, lung diseases, asthma, venereal diseases, epilepsy, glaucoma, color blindness , heart diseases, acute and chronic diseases, thyroid, cancer, tumors, infectious foci, e.g. toothache) and pregnant women,
  • people under the influence of alcohol or other drugs,
  • persons under 18 years of age without a guardian.

9. For safety reasons, the permissible body temperature in a dry sauna is 80°C.
10. Entering the sauna twice for about 15 minutes. It is a sufficient treatment for the body. Staying longer is dangerous to your health.
11. After each exit from the sauna, wash yourself and cool down under the shower, selecting the appropriate water temperature. During the break and after the stay in the sauna, it is recommended to rest and replenish the level of fluids in the body.
12. If you have any doubts about your health condition allowing you to use the sauna, please consult your doctor.
13. Only people whose ailments do not constitute contraindications to using it may use the sauna. Riviera Camp is not responsible for the health effects of staying in the sauna.


IX. Terms of use of the fireplace

1. The managing area for lighting a bonfire (fireplace) is the RIVIERA CAMP Resort, ul. Polna 55, 33-130 Radłów.
2. It is allowed to light a fire (fire) only in a designated and arranged place. Lighting a fire outside the designated area is prohibited.
3. Persons organizing a bonfire are obliged to comply with the fire safety rules specified in the relevant regulations, and in particular to use open fire only in the designated place.
4. The organizer of the bonfire is fully responsible for the safety of participants and is responsible for the area.
5. Children and teenagers may use the fireplace area only in the presence of an adult guardian.
6. The designated place for lighting a fire may be temporarily closed for safety or fire protection reasons.
7. When organizing a bonfire, at least one adult must remain sober in order to supervise the condition of the bonfire (fire pit) and be ready to react in the event of a fire starting or loss of control over the fire pit (fire pit).
8. The organizer of the bonfire is obliged to extinguish the bonfire effectively after the end of the event by covering it with sand or pouring water and leaving the place in good order.
9. The organizer of the bonfire is obliged to cover the costs of any damage caused by the participants of the bonfire (fire pit), in particular to the property constituting the equipment of the bonfire place and its surroundings.
10. It is prohibited to throw garbage, plastic materials, waste and materials containing hazardous substances into the bonfire and to burn them.
11. Organizing a bonfire is allowed from 4:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. - due to the silence at night.
12. Failure to comply with general provisions and the provisions of these regulations may result in, in particular, intervention by the Police, Fire Brigade, as well as criminal liability.


IX. Final Provisions

1. Guests using the Resort's services undertake not only to comply with the provisions of these regulations, but also health and safety and fire protection regulations as well as the instructions of the Resort's management and staff.
2. Any possible complaints regarding improperly provided services should be reported directly to the Resort Manager. Complaints submitted after the end of service may not be considered.
3. Jozmar s.c. Marcin Kardaś, Mateusz Kardaś reserves the right to change these terms and regulations.
4. The Regulations enter into force on March 1, 2022


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